Wait, you read my Writing page and are still wondering if I’ve got the chops to help with your project? Here’s some proof.

Analyst Says Whole Foods Competitors Are ‘Screwed’ After Amazon Deal, Forbes.com

How will Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods affect smaller natural-grocery rivals like Sprouts, Earth Fare and Fresh Thyme? One analyst says these rivals are “screwed”…here’s why. This post garnered 75,000 views in 15 hours.

Lethally Blonde, Fortune Small Business Magazine (PDF)

This is a profile of a an entrepreneur who rented out wedding rings by day — and fought in a ring by night. Sadly, the magazine went out of business the month before my piece was to run…but I still like to use the piece as a sample as it’s just about the best article I’ve ever written.

Bridget Moynahan Speaks Her Mind, WebMD

I talked with the busy actress about her love of exercise, healthy food, and her role in the series Blue Bloods.

I was a Self-Help Junkie, Women’s Health Magazine. (PDF)

I based this reported essay on how to know if you’re addicted to self-help, and what to do about it, on my own (past!) tendency to read motivational books instead of taking action.

Brochure for Carbon Monoxide Detector, Bay State Gas (PDF)

Bay State Gas used this brochure as a bill insert, and sold 800 carbon monoxide detectors as a result.

Man Is Bitten By Snake in Oregon’s High Desert, OnStar (PDF)

This case study of how OnStar saved a customer who was bitten by a rattlesnake in Oregon’s high desert appeared as an advertorial in People magazine.

Expert Strategies for Staying Healthy at College, WebMD

I wrote this article in a fun, edgy style to keep college students’ interest — while using solid reporting to share information that will keep them healthy.